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8 ball and other balls on a pool table
A pool hall
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Wailoa State Park
Wailoa River State Recreation Area
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Liholiho Park adjacent to East Hawaii Cultural Center
Portable Toilet in Uptown Downtown
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Hanging Baskets at corner of Waianuenue and Kinoole Street
More Hanging Baskets
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Kids playing with Waterspouts
Interactive Water Play Area
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Sharrow on four-lane street in Toronto
Bike Commuter Paths - Sharrows on...
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Black and White Night Banners along Kamehameha Ave.
Wayfinding Banner Program
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Kalakaua Park during a recent event
Public Restrooms at the Waianuenue...
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Four Recycling Barrels from Mammoth Mountain, California
Adopt-a-Bin ['60 Likes' on September...
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Artist Rendering of Kalakaua Park
Revitalize Kalākaua Park ['60...
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Map of Hilo Bayfront Trails
Hilo Bayfront Trails ['60 Likes' on...
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Volunteers help pull weeds and beauty Kamehameha Avenue
Let's Grow Hilo! ['60 Likes' on...
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