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Hilo Skateplaza
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Murals - The next wall in time
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Sharrow on four-lane street in Toronto
Bike Commuter Paths - Sharrows on...
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Map of Hilo Bayfront Trails
Hilo Bayfront Trails ['60 Likes' on...
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Outdoor cafe seating
Cafe with outdoor dining
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Inside a Teen Center showing tables
Youth Center and Cafe ['60 Likes' on...
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music venue in Paris with food and entertainment
Intimate Live Music Venue
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Volunteers help pull weeds and beauty Kamehameha Avenue
Let's Grow Hilo! ['60 Likes' on...
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The amount of trash generated from the 'Life after 60' Event!
Zero Waste Plan for Downtown
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Rendering of Mamo Street with a gate indicating street closure
Close Mamo St. for Farmers Market...
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Proposed Ponahawai Parking - showing approx. 70 stalls
Proposed Parking Lot on Ponahawai...
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Areial of Kaipalaoa Landing
Kaipalaoa Landing Park ['60 Likes'...
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A window glimpse into a cute Community Center with yellow chairs
Community Center " A place where we...
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Drawing of a Roundabout at base of Waianuenue entering Downtown after singing bridge
Traffic Roundabout
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Four Recycling Barrels from Mammoth Mountain, California
Adopt-a-Bin ['60 Likes' on September...
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8 ball and other balls on a pool table
A pool hall
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HAILI COURT - Proposed...
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Organizing Block Watch Guards and...
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